Around Taghazout, the waves start to show up from October to the end of April.
In summer you can surf Tamri beach (30 km north) or Devil's rock (8 km south).
When the swell is on, you can surf just in front of the house, the famous long rights of anchor point. At high tide the left can be perfect too.

Walk five minutes to get to " mistery", a fast right wave then you have "la source", a funny right, left peak and then "killer point" under the cliff, this wave works with small or massive swell in a magic environment.
After, you can drive to boilers, Dracula and more…

For beginners, Taghazout beach or devil's rock would be all right.
In winter, the water is about 18° but sometimes a 3/4 wetsuit can be useful.
There are a few little surf shops in Taghazout where you can find wax, leashes and surfboards for rent, who repair and provide surf lessons.

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